Within the MFIC, we fully exploit the multidisciplinary of our team, which is flexibly extended following the needs of each individual project. The core team takes care of the general aspects of the projects but also cooperates with other ICPF experts in many specialized scientific fields. The link with commercial sector is provided via our external partners.

Core team

Dr. Jiri Kristal – team leader, process intensification
Jiri has experience with practical process intensification. In the past he worked with Procter&Gamble within a research agreement focused on microprocessing of complex fluids.
Dr. Petr Stavarek – process modelling, reaction engineering
Petr’s expertise is the formulation of advanced chemical engineering models for different types of reactors, including the reaction kinetics.
Dr. Jan Storch – organic synthesis
Jan specializes in organic synthesis; he has several patents for synthetic route definition.
Dr. Jaromir Havlica – CFD, numerical simulations
Jaromir is our CFD expert not only using the commercial CFD software (Ansys Fluent, Comsol Multiphysics, OpenFOAM) but also developing his own specialized numerical codes.
Dr. Vladimir Jiricny – electrochemistry, reactor design
Vladimir started the microreactor research at ICPF in 2005 during the IMPULSE project. His specialty is the reactor design across micro, lab and pilot plant scale.
Dr. Vladimir Cirkva – photochemistry
Vladimir brings the photochemistry expertise to the team, focusing on advanced application of photo and microwave chemistry.

External partners

  • PRIMA RATIO – catalyzing efficient process research
  • Lach-ner