MFIC uses different experimental platforms for different tasks. For the flexible mini/mili-scale process research we use the Modular Micro Reaction System (MMRS) – modular plant on the tabletop. For the custom synthetic route definition we use the Labtrix Start – personal flow chemistry synthesizer with microfluidic chips. For the flow system scale-up we use the VapourTec – meso flow chemistry equipment. In cases where a dedicated reactor is needed, we will design and manufacture our own ICPF microreactors.

MMRS – Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS
MMRS is indeed a modular plant on the tabletop. It speeds up the development of new processes, and simplifies both process intensification and optimization. Different microreaction modules (microreactors, micromixers, in-line sensors, pumps, etc.) are combined together on a base plate – LEGO for chemical engineers. Thanks to the MMRS flexibility, the setup changer-over is a matter of minutes, including the connection of the 3rd party modules.
Our set of MMRS modules includes:

  • HT Reactor
  • Fixed-bed meander reactor
  • Photochemical microreactor
  • Cascade static micromixers
  • In-line sensors (pressure, temperature, pH, conductivity)
  • In-line optical cell for spectrometry, and others


The Labtrix® Start – Chemtrix BV

    Set of 5 microreactor chips
  • Temperature range: -15 – 195°C
  • Pressures up to 25 bar
  • Multiple reactor inputs enabling more synthetic steps in a single micro reactor
  • Screening of heterogeneous catalysts


Vapourtec MesoFlow System – Vapourtec Ltd

  • Enables production of fine chemicals from grams to kilograms
  • Temperature range: -70 – 250°C
  • Pressures up to 40 bar
  • Up to 4 reactors (column or coil, heated or cooled) can be used simultaneously
  • Multiple input/step syntheses
  • Screening of heterogeneous catalysts
  • Exothermic reactions
  • Heterogeneous and Homogeneous mode
  • Strong acid resistance (nitration with fuming nitric acid is possible)


ICPF microreactors

  • Original dedicated design
  • Tailor made
  • Filter-press and block electrochemical microreactor
  • Thin-gap electrochemical reactor
  • High intensity gas-liquid micro contactor